SplatCord 2

Splatcord 2 is an Discord bot providing Splatoon 1,2 and 3 stage and salmon run notifications.
It also adds some helpful Splatoon commands like random generators and profiles

To enable stage notifications, use /setstage in the destination channel.
To enable SalmonRun notifications, use /setsalmon in the target channel.
To disable them, you can use /delsalmon or /delstage in any channel.

You can also change language, to do that you use /settings

Supported languages are:

  • english
  • german
  • italian
  • japanese (only game data)

This bot uses data from Nintendos BOSS files,  https://splatoon2.ink/ and https://splatoon3.ink/

Invite this bot: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=822228767165644872&permissions=379968&scope=applications.commands%20bot